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Here at Metre Squared we are all about space!
We find forgotten old abandoned buildings and turn them into creative heavens for a range of artistic mediums. Wether it is work space or event space, we do our very best to accommodate anything and everyone! Sustainability is also something that is at the heart of our ethos, with us mainly using recycled materials and second hand goods to construct and fit up our spaces. We try and make use of anything we can find and leave nothing to waste!
Since June 2020 we have been providing some of the cheapest workspaces in London which has given so many creatives the real chance of starting up their craft or business and being able to survive the difficult times the world has faced through the last few years. The community that we have built here over the last few years has been amazing and we hope to continue growing and helping get to where they want to go!
Recently we have opened our doors at our new site over in West Kensington where we are bringing the same energy and good feeling and ethos that has put us in such good stead over these last few years. In the short time that we have been there we have already transformed the space into something magical that will be of real benefit to the artistic community. Come in visit and find out what we can do for you!
We hope to see you soon!


Community is at the centre of what we are at Metre² and we do our best to support and develop it. It is our aim that the studios will have a positive effect and improve the communities that surround us. There are three different communities that we are committed to serving:


The first and most immediate to us is the artistic community of London. We serve this community by providiing a physical platform for people to create, network and grow their passion. We are currently working on acquiring further facilities and space for our artists to use at an affordable rate, such as screen printing, a dark room and ceramics. Look out for these in the near future!


The third and final community is that of the environment. We look to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as we can in the building and running of our creative space. Sustainability is a deep-rooted value of our ethos at Metre² as we believe it's our civil duty to look after the world we live in.


The second community is that of the surrounding local area of our Metre² facilities. We hope to inject some artistic energy and life back into the the surrounding areas by holding exhibitions, free workshops and by bringing in a new artistic economy.

A Note From Our Artists!

Rhi Dancey
Fantastic support and platform for the growth of my clothing brand. Having started a small business during COVID-19 in a notoriously expensive city. I never thought I would be able to find a space outside of my living room!
Rosie Bishop
The space provided me a separate head space that I didn't have from working at home. Now I can focus and concentrate easily from having a functional workspace.

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